Professional career – Nikola Krivokuca 

From an early age I have had a passionate interest in cinematography because of its capacity to convey emotions without words. Visual language allows you to depict people and objects in ways that can be universally understood.

My career in cinematography started with an internship at a TV station in Freiburg. Following the successful completion of my apprenticeship as digital media designer in Cologne in 2008, I worked as director of photography and cutter for various TV and film production firms in Germany and abroad.

In 2010 I was admitted to the prestigious study programme in cinematography at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München). I studied under Michael Ballhaus and Axel Block and successfully participated in Kristian Köster’s Advertising Masterclass.

My work has achieved national and international recognition. My film productions have received 30 awards and more than 20 nominations to date, including second prize in the 2016 Porsche Awards for ‘BMW – The Light’, my final assignment for the Advertising Masterclass at HFF München.

Extensive technical expertise, flexibility, and versatility are my main strengths. I can draw on a broad range of skills, including lighting, multi-camera productions and steady cam operation. I also provide top-of-the-range film equipment and related technical services. I have 15 year’s experience shooting films across all genres, including feature films, documentaries, and advertisements.

Feature Films

  • Moustache, 2017, Fiction,80 min., Director: Thomas Welte, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca (in Postproduction)
  • Gehen wenn es am schönsten ist, 2017, 90 min., Director: Thomas Schwedler, DoP/Steadicam Operator: Niels Voges, Nikola Krivokuca


  • DokThema TV Series, Gemeinsam sind wir stark!? – 30 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall, 2019, 45 min., Director: Almut Gronauer, DoP/Steadicam Operator: Nikola Krivkuca, Editor: Birgit Engel
  • DokThema TV Series, Tote auf der Balkanroute – Vermisst – Verscharrt – Verdrängt, 2019, 45 min., Director: Darko Jakovljevic, DoP/Steadicam Operator: Nikola Krivkuca, Editor: Astrid Harms – Limmer
  • ARTE Re TV Series, Tote auf der Balkanroute – Vermisst – Verscharrt – Vergessen, 2018, 31 min., Director: Darko Jakovljevic, DoP: Nikola Krivkuca, Hans Fischer, Editor: Astrid Harms – Limmer
  • Bekar Evi – Das Junggesellenhaus, 2018, 80 min., Director: Dirk Schäfer, DoP/Steadicam Operator: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Marikas Missio, 2016, 103 min., Director: Michael Schmitt, DoP, Nikola Krivokuca
  • Sulispir – Two Worlds, 2014, 90 min., Director: Maia Sander, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca, Alke Marianne Scherrmann (in Postproduction)
  • Molltath „Und plötzlich bist Du verrückt“, 2014, 93 min., Director: Annika Blendl, Leonie Stade, DoP: Eugen Grtschneder
    Support DoP: Andre Grabinski, Teresa Hoerl, Nikola Krivokuca, Aline Laszlo, Tim Kuhn, Doro Götz, Alexander Hackinger, Leonie Stade
  • Privee de Sommeil (Insomnia), 2014, Documentary 8 min., Director: Chiraz Brahem, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca


  • Forever Flüchtling, 2017, 10 min., Director: Dirk Schäfer, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Aussetzer, 2015, Director: Benjamin Vornhem, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Len, 2015, 30min., Director: Waldemar Oldenburger, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca, Waldemar Oldenburger
  • Monkey, 2013, 5 min., Director: Camilla Gutner, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Der unsterbliche Wilhemsson, 2013, 24 min., Director: Benjamin Vornhem, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Katzenjammer, 2013,  7 min., Director: Martin Fischnaller, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Neonazijägerinner, 2012, 30min., Director: Bernhard Kreutzer, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Job Interview, 2012, 10min., Director: Julia Walter, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Die haben gelacht, 2011, 20 min., Director: Gwendolin Stolz, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Kein guter Tag für Herrn Möbius, 2011, 12 min., Director: Benjamin Vornhem, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca
  • Die Bombenidee, 2011, 9 min., Director: Bernhard Kreutzer, DoP: Nikola Krivokuca

Commercials for a diverse range of public and private clients, including

  • Microsoft, BMW, Eurowings, Toyota, Mercedes, Huawei, Audi, Mediamarkt, Pfizer, Carglass, Harley Davidson, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR), Airbus, Yokohama, LMU Munich, Airfy

100+ documentaries, reports and multi camera productions for tv stations, including

  • BBC News, WDR, SWR, ZDF, ARD Alpha, BR, ARTE, D-Max, RTL, Super RTL, RTL II, Sky, Pro7, Puls4, Eurosport